About me

1. Who is me?

Hi,Guys I am a young handsome boy.I am little crazy in computers and games.I listen to music,if i'm bored.I like to listen to music's of Backstreet Boys,David  Guetta,Adele,AC\DC,Bruno Mars,Green day etc. I specially like Rock music's.OH, sorry my name is Sidharth Sunil and studying at I.E.S Public School.I live in India, Kerala(God's own country),Thrissur.My hobbies are to watch T.V,listen to music,Blogging,Reading books. 

2.What My Blog About?

Well,Guys I have started this Blog for a purpose and the purpose is Musing's.I started this blog to spread my knowledge to you Guys.I got influence to start this Blog is because of my father.He writes a blog in Malayalam(our mother language),his writes blog on kathakali.Well i chose this name "appoossmusing" because my friends calls me 'appooss' and my blog is all about my musing's.Well i started this Blog in this particular niche is nothing but an idea-"An idea can change your life"-O.K,to tell the truth i got this particular idea from my dreams.Well i think my blog is Unique because there is no other blog's in this particular niche.

3.How to contact me?

Ok guys you can contact me by emailing me at appoossunil@gmail.com


by clicking here and sending your message to me at http://appzmusing.blogspot.in/p/contact-me_10.html

That's it,You guys can contact me through these above ways

4.My Blogging Achievements.

My Blogging achievements Mmmm let me tell you guys i don't have blogging achievements  coz  i started this blog a few months back.So no blogging achievements.


So Guys this is About me.

That's All Folk's