Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Season to be Merry..

Santa Claus is coming to town. 

Christmas is synonymous with the giving  of gifts.How did this tradition begin? Some say ,that it began with the birth of Christ.We had heard of three
Kings who traveled through  through many lands and kingdoms to come and worship  and rejoice in the birth of Christ.They brought with them gifts of frankincense,gold,myrrh.These gifts were rare and precious and symbolic of the life that the Messiah would lead.The gold represented honour,                          frankincense divinity and myrrh to acknowledge the human suffering he would experience.

Man in red.

In the fourth century,there is the legend of St.Nickolas,a christian Bishop who was generous and loved giving gifts to children because he felt that they needed to have good memories of their childhood.

Then there is the ever famous Santa Claus.It is believed that he brings gifts to children who have been good through the year.Santa can trace his history to the dutch sinterklaas. Legend has it that Santa lives in North Pole and has a large number of elves who works in his Workshop making wonderful gifts that  can given to children around the globe in Christmas time. Supposedly  he travels on a sleigh with nine flying reindeer(originally there were only eight).

Season to be merry 

This is the season of goodwill and peace, of joy  and love.A time to rejoice on the good things we enjoy every day. December 25, is Christmas day.

Merry Christmas

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